Inflammation of the Fallopian Tube

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    00:02 We’ll begin with the process of inflammation of the fallopian tube.

    00:05 What caused the inflammation? Usually associated with pelvic inflammatory disease.

    00:12 Maybe perhaps gonococcal.

    00:15 The term inflammation for you, make sure that you know, it tells salpingitis.

    00:21 If it’s suppurative salpingitis, that has to be bacteria.

    00:26 Sixty per cent of your cases of inflammation of your fallopian tube tube is being caused by Neisseria gonococcal species.

    00:36 There could be salpingitis being caused by tuberculosis.

    00:39 Keep in mind that tuberculosis could affect many organs, one of them rarely could in fact be your fallopian tube.

    00:48 Can result in pyosalpinx, hydrosalpinx, or what’s known as tubo-ovarian abscess.

    00:57 So what does that mean to you? This actually is an inflamed fallopian tube.

    01:04 And what has happened next is the fact that it’s actually become infected.

    01:09 Therefore, appears as being hemorrhagic.

    01:13 An important consequence oftentimes whenever you have infection setting in is the fact that that there might be abscesses involved usually in around that organ.

    01:23 In this case, because we’re referring to the fallopian tube, you would call this a tubo-ovarian abscess as being a complication.

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    1. Neisseria gonorrhoeae
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    Carlo Raj, MD

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