Types of Ovarian Tumors: Endometrioid Tumors

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    00:01 A third type of surface epithelial tumor will be our endometrioid.

    00:08 We will obviously focus upon the name itself.

    00:11 A solid tumor composed of endometrial-like gland.

    00:15 The suffix ?oid means similar to or ?like.? In some cases, 20% of endometrial cancer of the ovary are accompanied by carcinoma of the endometrium.

    00:28 This is not metastasis.

    00:30 This is not metastasis.

    00:32 It sounds like it, it seems like it, but it wouldn?t be.

    00:34 Endometrial cancer oftentimes associated with endometrioid cancer of the ovary.

    00:40 At least as far we know in pathology, we do not consider this to be metastasis.

    00:45 Association, yes.

    00:49 It can be however bilateral.

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    The lecture Types of Ovarian Tumors: Endometrioid Tumors by Carlo Raj, MD is from the course Ovarian Diseases.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Twenty percent of endometrioid tumors are associated with concomitant carcinoma of the endometrium.
    2. They are derived from germ cells.
    3. They are cystic tumors.
    4. They are usually unilateral.
    5. They often result from metastasis from endometrial carcinomas.

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     Carlo Raj, MD

    Carlo Raj, MD

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