Types of Ovarian Tumors: Endodermal Sinus Tumor

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    00:01 We’ll go into another type of germ cell tumor.

    00:04 You should know both names, endodermal sinus tumor, a.k.a. yolk sac, and stop there.

    00:10 Allow the name to speak to you.

    00:11 Yolk sac.

    00:12 A little baby.

    00:13 Okay? And what I mean by that is the fact the most common -- most common ovarian tumor in a girl less than five years of age, The most common testicular tumor in a boy less than five years of age is this.

    00:28 Yolk sac tumor, a.k.a. endodermal sinus.

    00:33 Rare second most tumor of germ cell origin, resembles yolk sac.

    00:37 Here, you’ll find increase levels of alpha fetoprotein and the glomerulus-like structure composed of central blood.

    00:45 It’s exactly what you would be seeing in histologic picture.

    00:49 This is then referred to as Schiller–Duval body.

    00:54 You have a Schiller–Duval body which resembles a glomeruli.

    00:57 This is used to represent your yolk sac or endodermal sinus.

    01:01 Your patient here are boys and girls.

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    1. Beta-hCG
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    Carlo Raj, MD

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