Control of Growth Hormone Release

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    Let’s now move on to growth hormone. Growth hormone, a couple of things here. The way that this is setup is the following. We’ll begin with the hypothalamus with our releasing hormone/inhibiting hormone. We’ll move from the hypothalamus into the anterior pituitary. This is then known as your somatotroph. Collectively, remember that growth hormone LH share a common precursor known as somatommamotropin and growth hormone will be released from the anterior pituitary, works upon the liver where it then releases your insulin-like growth factor. On your left, you’ll notice the following. Remember that growth hormone is something that’s released more so at night when one is sleeping. So, therefore, that pulsatile nature making growth hormone measurement not the most reliable and also, the growth hormone is a stress hormone. With that said, please look at the stimuli on your left. We have sleep… big time; exercise… when you exercise, you’re consuming glucose. Hypoglycaemia, amino acids… all of these will be triggers for the hypothalamus to release growth hormone releasing hormone. On the other side of things, we have growth hormone inhibiting hormone. Please take a look at the key over to your far right and you’ll notice somatostatin. Once again I reiterate that growth hormone inhibiting hormone is also called somatostatin. Used to be called, once upon a time, just to make sure we cover all basis, that insulin-like growth factor was called somatomedin. So, there are lot of terms here that have the prefix somato-, somato-, somato-… somatostatin, somtatotroph, somatomedin… mediating your growth hormone. Next ,we are going to travel through our portal circulation. By that, we mean what? From the hypothalamus through this stalk, through portal vein and we’re entering the anterior pituitary. Within the anterior pituitary, what is the name of the cell and what stain is...

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    The lecture Control of Growth Hormone Release by Carlo Raj, MD is from the course Pituitary Gland Disorders.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Liver; GH
    2. Anterior pituitary; GHRH
    3. Anterior pituitary; GH
    4. Liver; GHRH
    5. Liver; GHIH
    1. GHRH
    2. Somatostatin
    3. Somatomedin
    4. IGF
    5. GHIH
    1. During sleep
    2. During stress
    3. With increased IGF
    4. In the presence of hypoglycemia
    5. When amino acids are low
    1. Breakdown of skeletal muscle into ketones
    2. Lipolysis
    3. Protein synthesis
    4. Gluconeogenesis
    5. IGF secretion from liver
    1. Subnormal mental maturation
    2. Absence of somatotroph cells
    3. Delayed skeletal growth
    4. Delayed sexual maturation
    5. Subnormal growth

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     Carlo Raj, MD

    Carlo Raj, MD

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