Types of Ovarian Tumors: Choriocarcinoma

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    00:01 Here we have choriocarcinoma.

    00:04 Choriocarcinoma.

    00:05 That prefix sounds an awful lot like placenta.

    00:09 However, why are you here? Ovaries or maybe perhaps in a male, the testicles.

    00:17 How is it that you get placenta here? Well, understand, this is a tumor of placenta-like tissue.

    00:24 So what we will do is divide our gestational and non-gestational type of choriocarcinoma.

    00:29 This obviously will be non-gestational type.

    00:32 But yet, here’s an ovarian tumor or perhaps a testicular tumor that behaves like your cyst or your trophoblast, "In what respect, Dr. Raj?" Watch, watch, watch, watch.

    00:41 In pregnancy, what’s the name of that hormone that you’re going to test for? Beta hCG.

    00:47 So therefore, in choriocarcinoma, you’re going to be looking for beta hCG.

    00:52 And yolk sac tumor, what are you looking for, that marker? Alpha fetoprotein, right? Now, with choriocarcinoma, you usually find this in combination with other germ cell tumors.

    01:03 Maybe something like endodermal sinus, yolk sac or maybe perhaps a teratoma.

    01:08 Important here.

    01:09 Usually widely metastatic and by the time of diagnosis, that makes this really dangerous.

    01:15 And on histologic appearance or examination, you find there to be placenta-like tissue.

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    The lecture Types of Ovarian Tumors: Choriocarcinoma by Carlo Raj, MD is from the course Ovarian Diseases.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. It never occurs in men.
    2. It may be associated with gestation.
    3. It often coexists with other germ cell tumors.
    4. The tumors contain neoplastic trophoblastic tissue.
    5. It is usually widely metastatic by the time of diagnosis.
    1. Beta-hCG
    2. Alpha-fetoprotein
    3. CEA
    4. CA 19-9
    5. CA-125

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     Carlo Raj, MD

    Carlo Raj, MD

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