Overview – Cell Wall Synthesis Inhibitors (Antibiotics)

by Pravin Shukle, MD

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    00:00 Welcome to Pharmacology by Lecturio.

    00:04 My name is Dr.Parvin Shukle.

    00:06 Let's talk about some antibacterial agents that we use commonly in practice.

    00:11 Now when we talk about antibacterial agents, we have a very large spectrum of medications.

    00:16 Let's start off with cell wall synthesis inhibitors.

    00:20 These include the penicillins, the cephalosporins, the carbapenems and other miscellaneous drugs.

    00:27 When we take a look at these agents, there's quite a large variety within each sub group.

    00:33 With the penicillins we have penicillinase susceptible and penicillinase resistant agents.

    00:39 Within the cephalosporins we have 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation of cephalosporins.

    00:46 Carabpenems are relatively new group of drugs that have come on to the market recently.

    00:51 And then we have miscellaneous drugs.

    00:53 These can include aztreonam and vancomycin.

    About the Lecture

    The lecture Overview – Cell Wall Synthesis Inhibitors (Antibiotics) by Pravin Shukle, MD is from the course Antimicrobial Pharmacology.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. They inhibit synthesis of bacterial cell wall.
    2. They are used as fungal and bactericidal drugs.
    3. They inhibit protein synthesis.
    4. They inhibit dihydropterorate synthase.
    5. More susceptible to penicillinase than other penicillins.

    Author of lecture Overview – Cell Wall Synthesis Inhibitors (Antibiotics)

     Pravin Shukle, MD

    Pravin Shukle, MD

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    Concise and knowledgeable
    By Neuer N. on 16. August 2017 for Overview – Cell Wall Synthesis Inhibitors (Antibiotics)

    hello Lecturio Im from Philippines Im so happy that I came to find this very knowledgeable site where I can learn sruffs related to my course which is Pharmacy.