Anti-HIV Agents: Other Inhibitors – Antiviral Drugs

by Pravin Shukle, MD

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    00:01 The last group is just - it’s a hodge-podge of a whole bunch of different mechanisms and I just put them in as others.

    00:09 I won't spend too much time on them just suffice it to say that there are uncoating inhibitors that we're currently investigating, there are TAT inhibitors that work on transcription, there are translation inhibitors, there are DNA polymerase inhibitors and in my other category I have yet another category which can be a whole bunch of different target modalities.

    00:35 Now, I would just want to mention something, it says they're CRISPR - I'm sure you've heard about CRISPR, it’s the next greatest thing in genetic modification and we are actually starting to use CRISPR therapies in HIV by modifying both viral and patient genomes so that’s hopefully someday we’ll be able to have CRISPR therapies to modify the genome so that humans will become immune to HIV.

    01:06 As a matter of fact, there were some rumors that there were scientists in China who managed to create a HIV immune child using CRISPR technology.

    01:18 Suddenly that scientist disappeared, we don’t know what happened to the scientist and we don’t know if this was real or not.

    01:25 Remember though, this can have a chilling biological warfare implications which is something that all of us should consider as well.

    01:34 So CRISPR is the next best thing as well in pharmacotherapy or genotherapy and I think it may have a role in HIV as well.

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