Types of Hepatobiliary Tumors

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    00:02 Our topic, Hepatobiliary tumors.

    00:05 We'll talk about those tumors that may be located in the liver maybe tumors are located in the biliary system.

    00:13 And then I will walk you through what is benign and what is malignant.

    00:17 Our differentials that we'll take a look at include: hepatocellular carcinoma We've talked about this a few times.

    00:23 Cholangiocarcinoma. This is the cancer of the gallbladder.

    00:28 Hepatic adenoma Before I move on though, students, even to this day, it's just a matter of time before they eradicate this name out of medicine.

    00:38 It has not taken place yet There's a term called hepatoma.

    00:42 Hepatoma sounds benign.

    00:45 Hepatoma is the same thing as hepatocellular carcinoma.

    00:48 I'm sorry, it is still something that you very much need to know in medicine.

    00:54 And we have other tumor like This is called cavernous hemangioma.

    00:59 A cavernous hemangioma as the name implies, means that the blood vessels have now become inflamed Excuse me, have become dilated will be a better term.

    01:09 The dilation of a blood vessel in which there is stasis of the blood in the liver. It's called cavernous hemangioma.

    01:18 The last time that you have heard of cavernous hemangioma, has been something called hemangioblastoma Seen in Von Hippel Lindau Disease.

    01:27 Independent of that, you can actually find cavernous hemangiomas in the liver Without an association with Von Hippel Lindau.

    01:35 Do not miss that question.

    01:38 Focal nodular hyperplasia.

    01:40 And liver metastasis Either from a primary such as colorectal cancer to the liver, Or yet a primary liver cancer that will then metastasize from the liver most likely to the lung.

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    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Budd-Chiari syndrome
    2. Focal nodular hyperplasia
    3. Hepatoma
    4. Metastasis to liver
    5. Hepatic adenoma
    1. Hepatoma
    2. Hepatic adenoma
    3. Focal nodular hyperplasia
    4. Cavernous hemangioma
    5. Macronodular cirrhosis
    1. Hemangioblastoma
    2. Hepatoma
    3. Focal nodular hyperplasia
    4. Hepatic adenoma
    5. Cholangiocarcinoma
    1. Lung
    2. Colon
    3. Stomach
    4. Thyroid
    5. Spleen

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    Carlo Raj, MD

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