Types of Invasive Breast Cancer

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    To continue the discussion of breast cancer. We’ll now move into invasive. The most common invasive breast cancer is invasive ductal cancer. So if you’re thinking about ductal, what just happened here that now resulted in invasion? Invaded through the basement membrane. Firm, fibrous, rock hard mass with sharp margins. And here, you would call this a stellate type of classic morphology. Worst and most invansive and most common, 76% of all breast cancers invasive type are the ductal. If that’s a ductal, then we have invasive lobular. And, my goodness, is this dangerous. Invasive lobular cancer is the one that loves to spread. Oftentimes, you’d find this to be bilateral. You would find a row of cells. You might have heard of the term “Indian filing” or a bunch of cells that are marching in front of the other. This is invasive lobular cancer. Medullary: Fleshy, cellular, lymphocytic infiltration. Good prognosis for breast cancer. Good. Inflammatory: The opposite of good. The 50% survival in 5 years. So what is inflammatory? This is the one that you have come to know and you have heard of, the skin of an orange. Peau d'orange in French, the dermal lymphatics. What’s going on here? Now, I’m going to bring something to your attention. You’re going to be paying attention to, when you study, Paget’s disease of the nipple. Inflammatory disease of breast cancer and you’re going to be paying attention to erythema in general of the breast, such as your acute mastitis. The reason I bring these to your attention is because oftentimes, your breast will then appear as being red or erythematous. But each one’s a little bit different. And inflammatory looks that of a skin of an orange, literally. Breast, what’s happening here? At least know that the dermal, lymphatic...

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    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Comedocarcinoma
    2. Invasive ductal carcinoma Medullary carcinoma of the breast Inflammatory carcinoma of the breast Invasive lobular carcinoma
    1. It often presents with “peau d’orange” of the skin of the breast.
    2. It often presents as a firm, “rock-hard” mass with sharp margins. It is associated with a classic “stellate” morphology. It is the worst and most invasive type of breast cancer. It represents over 75% of all breast cancers.
    1. It presents with eczematous patches on the nipples.
    2. Neoplastic cells tend to block lymphatic drainage.
    3. 50% survival at 5 years.
    4. It is associated with peau d'orange.
    5. Dermal lymphatic invasion by breast carcinoma.

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    Carlo Raj, MD

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