Toxicology Questions & Case Studies

by Pravin Shukle, MD

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    Let's look at a couple of questions in toxicology. A 23-year-old female is brought to the emergency room by friends after an evening at a night club. She has been drinking heavily. Her blood pressure is 185/120. Her heart rate is 155. Her temperature is 38.5 degree Celcius or 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This was measured in tympanum. She is hyperactive, euphoric, hypersexual, and easily distracted. She is clearly hallucinating. Blood work is normal. And urinalysis is positve for amphetamines. What is the most likely culprit drug? Is it ecstasy? Is it soap? Is it STP? Or is it angel dust? Right. So, MDMA or ecstasy, is often positive for amphetamines in the urine. And it causes this very typical kind of a picture. Hyperactive, hypersexual, high temperature, high blood pressure, high heart rate. Here is a great question. A 34-year-old male is brought to emergency room by police after beating his wife. The police have him handcuffed to the bed. He is hyperactive, delirious, and violent. Urinalysis is negative for drugs, and the blood work is normal. The blood pressure is 235/130, and the heart rate is 150. The skin is warm and dry to the touch. Now, before you react negatively to my characteristics of this patient, let me just tell you that this is one of my patients, and this happen in real life. So, what do you think the most culprit drug is? Is it ecstasy? Is it soap? Is it STP? Or is it angel dust? Yes. So if you picked soap, you're right. This is a scary drug. Here's another real patient of mine. A 55-year-old homeless male is brought into the emergency department by police. He was dishevelled. He had very poor hygiene. He was literally found on the freeway shouting at a lamppost....

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