Thrombosis and Hirschsprung Disease

by Georgina Cornwall, PhD

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    Now, let’s take a look at a few disorders that we do know at least a part of the genetic component for. We know in some conditions that there is a genetic and environmental component. We know in others what some of the genetic component is and perhaps some of the environmental. We will look at venous thrombosis as well as Hirschsprung disease, type 1 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. Again, the list of things that I’m covering is not exclusive but it is highlighting the things that you’ll find on your exams. Hopefully, the majority of things that you’ll find on your exams because obviously there are many, many more conditions than the ones we’re covering. But these are the highlight tour of what you should find there and what you should be expected to know. This is a question that I have had often throughout my life, ever since I was first put on a birth control pill. Why are they so worried about blood clots and smoking and this and that? It turns out that there really is a solid story behind it now that we’ve dug into it even more. So, why do we have to worry about oral contraceptives and blood clots? It’s more than just correlation of higher incidence, it turns out. This is an example where we are going to see specific genes, in fact, two specific genetic factors that come into play as well as one, at least one environmental factor, the environmental factor being the oral contraceptives themselves. The example here, not that other thromboses aren't a big issue because even lower leg thrombosis is an issue. But this would be idiopathic cerebral vein thrombosis or idiopathic CVT which means that it’s going to be happening in the cerebrum. This is where we’ll...

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    The lecture Thrombosis and Hirschsprung Disease by Georgina Cornwall, PhD is from the course Multifactorial Inheritance. It contains the following chapters:

    • Identification of Contributing Factors
    • Thrombosis
    • Hirschsprung Disease

    Author of lecture Thrombosis and Hirschsprung Disease

     Georgina Cornwall, PhD

    Georgina Cornwall, PhD

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