Summary of Acute Inflammation: Cardinal Signs

by Richard Mitchell, MD, PhD

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    00:00 Alright, we come full circle.

    00:03 We are back to the cardinal signs of inflammation.

    00:06 Remember, we started with this a long time ago where we talked about calor, rubor, tumor, dolor, and functio laesis, otherwise known as heat, that's the calor due to increased blood flow.

    00:20 Rubor, erythema due to increased blood flow and dilated vessels.

    00:23 Those are vascular effects, in addition with swelling or tumor due to increased vascular permeability.

    00:29 So the acute vascular change.

    00:31 Dolor coming from bradykinin and loss of function from all of the parts of inflammation.

    00:39 And underneath, I'm not going to go through them, just the very many of the mediators that are responsible for driving each of those cardinal signs of inflammation.

    00:49 And you can use this to refer to when you're studying for boards or when you're trying to remember, "Gee, what which factor does what?" is right here all on one slide.

    00:58 And this covers a lot of territory that we've been talking about when we talk about acute inflammation.

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    The lecture Summary of Acute Inflammation: Cardinal Signs by Richard Mitchell, MD, PhD is from the course Acute and Chronic Inflammation.

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    1. Calor
    2. Tumor
    3. Dolor
    4. Cyanosis
    5. Loss of function

    Author of lecture Summary of Acute Inflammation: Cardinal Signs

     Richard Mitchell, MD, PhD

    Richard Mitchell, MD, PhD

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    cardinal signs
    By Lindsey Z M. on 24. May 2023 for Summary of Acute Inflammation: Cardinal Signs

    It's a good introduccion for de cardinal signs when talk abaot de importan reconosig this caracterisitics of the Acute inflammation