Consciousness Altering Drugs: Stimulants and Hallucinogen – Consciousness (PSY)

by Tarry Ahuja, MD

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    So let’s get into what we’re talking about when we’re talking about dependence and addiction. So another class that we’re going to talk about are the psychostimulants, and like the name implies, we’ll break that term down: psycho, stimulant. Psycho refers to sort of psychological disposition or your mind and stimulant, stimulatory. So what’s it doing is actually activating your brain. So some examples would be caffeine, which you’d find in coffee or pop and different beverages. You have nicotine, which comes from cigarettes. Cocaine, from your local neighborhood cocaine dealer, and amphetamines. Okay. So a whole bunch of different things, all fall under the class of stimulants because of their stimulant properties. Now, what these do are increasing the release of those neurotransmitters that we had mentioned before. So these are chemical messengers in your brain, and when you take these stimulants or actually increasing amounts of it and these are the stimulatory type. And what that ends up doing is it ends up causing an exaggerated reaction that you would have versus when you were not taking any of these stimulants. So when you do take a stimulant, it can have the effects of speeding up bodily functions, increasing your energy, increasing your heart rate. It does a lot of different things. Another really, really key thing that it does that a lot of people end up using this drug for is that it increases alertness and arousal. So when you wake up after a full night of studying for your MCAT and you roll out of bed, you kind of roll over and hit on on your coffee machine because you need that java, that caffeine to stimulate and get yourself going. Okay? Now, another thing to be cognizant of about is the fact that when you...

    About the Lecture

    The lecture Consciousness Altering Drugs: Stimulants and Hallucinogen – Consciousness (PSY) by Tarry Ahuja, MD is from the course Making Sense of the Environment. It contains the following chapters:

    • Consciousness Altering Drugs - Stimulants
    • Consciousness Altering Drugs - Hallucinogen

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Rebound depression
    2. Flashback
    3. Rebound stimulation
    4. Tolerance
    5. Physical dependence
    1. Nicotine
    2. Alcohol
    3. Phencyclidine
    4. Heroin
    5. Marijuana
    1. Tetrahydrocannibol
    2. 6-monoacetylmorphine
    3. Diphenhyrdramine
    4. Benzylpiperidine
    5. Dextromethorphan

    Author of lecture Consciousness Altering Drugs: Stimulants and Hallucinogen – Consciousness (PSY)

     Tarry Ahuja, MD

    Tarry Ahuja, MD

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