Quick Review: Psoriasis

by Stephen Holt, MD, MS

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    00:01 All right. Let's do a couple quick questions to review. Remember, you can just pause the screen after I ask the question, then unpause it and we'll review the answer.

    00:10 Okay. First up, all of the following are true of psoriasis except? Okay, number 1. Lesions often resolve during the summer months.

    00:26 That's true, even if we don't fully understand why.

    00:29 Number 2. Patients with HIV have milder disease.

    00:33 That is false. Patients with HIV can often have debilitating psoriasis and need more aggressive management. Number 3, just to round things out, may be exacerbated by smoking. That's true.

    00:44 The inverse variant favors flexural creases. That's true, as we've discussed.

    00:49 Number 5, scraping off a plaque causes pinpoint bleeding known as Auspitz sign. That's a classic boards question and it's definitely true.

    00:57 So our answer is number 2.

    01:02 And now for our second and final question. The treatment of psoriasis might include which of the following? Okay. Oral minocycline. You might get by with using it for acne rosacea, but not for psoriasis. Ketoconazole lotion would be good for tinea, not for psoriasis.

    01:25 Topical benzoyl peroxide, you should certainly think of that one with acne vulgaris.

    01:29 Again, not for psoriasis. Topical tazarotene. This is a topical retinoid, which actually has been shown to be effective for psoriasis.

    01:38 And cryotherapy would be appropriate for certain kinds of skin lesions, but not psoriasis. So our answer, number 4, and with that, we're done with psoriasis.

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    The lecture Quick Review: Psoriasis by Stephen Holt, MD, MS is from the course Allergic and Immune-mediated Skin Disorders.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. It might be exacerbated by smoking.
    2. Patients with HIV have milder symptoms.
    3. Positive Nikolsky sign
    4. Personal history of food allergies

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     Stephen Holt, MD, MS

    Stephen Holt, MD, MS

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    Worth it!!!
    By Noah S. on 06. June 2021 for Quick Review: Psoriasis

    Amazing content and explanation. Lecturer has the ability to simplify very complex material which is great for exam preparation.