Primary CNS Lymphoma

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    At this point, the classification we’ll take a look at is primary CNS lymphoma. It’s the first time that we’re dealing with a lymphoma in the brain. The classification thus far that we’ve walked through have been primary CNS tumors including our astrocytomas, under the category of neuroepithelial tumors. And then after astrocytomas, we walked through oligodendrogliomas, ependymomas and so forth. So here we have a lymphoma. What does a lymphoma mean to you? It means that the lymph node in the brain is being affected. Accounts for 1% of intracranial tumor. 1%. Most common CNS in what kind of individual? Think about an HIV patient or in other words, immunocompromised patient. That’s extremely important. In fact, we have perhaps even diffuse large B cell lymphoma that may be taking place in your CNS. And if you remember from WBC pathology that whenever you talk about lymphomas, you’re dividing this into Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s. And under non-Hodgkin’s, if you remember, those are the ones that love to actually be extranodal. Most common presentations: Altered mental status with behavioral change and you’ll have high-grade B cell neoplasia. Once again, diffuse large B cell lymphoma is something that could be found in these immunocompromised patients. Our topic here, ladies and gentlemen, is a primary CNS tumor. But this is of the lymphoma variant, a major clinical pearl here is, think, HIV or immunocompromised patient, unfortunately. The clinical features of your lymphoma: Deep gray structure and white matter. Multifocal lesions are common. Diffusely enhanced on MRI. Diffusely enhanced. The reason I say that is because on MRI, you have another description that you want to know in pathology called ring-enhancing. But this is lymphoma, so therefore, it’s diffusely enhancing. Now, remember, there are different routes of metastasis. You could take your hematogenous route,...

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    Carlo Raj, MD

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