Pregnancy Nutrition

by Georgina Cornwall, PhD

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    So now let's take a look at some altered states of nutrition. We're going to take a look at considerations during pregnancy, during older age, as well as what some types of malnutrition look like. So first of all we visit pregnancy. Obviously we have increased demands during pregnancy and that requires about 20% more calories on average throughout the span. And 50% more macronutrients. So macronutrients are essentially important here. In the second and third trimesters we require on average about 350 to 450 additional calories. Not so much in the first trimesters because relatively there is very little growth going on. Now during pregnancy, clearly we have a corresponding weight gain. So in the first trimester, we don't see so much weight gain. Approximately 2 to 4 pounds throughout that whole 12 week period. However, throughout the second and third trimesters, we see a fairly consistent weight gain of about a pound a week. So, again 0.8 pound can vary person to person. And from whichever source you read your statistics. So down along the right hand side, you can see various distribution of what that weight gain constitutes. We have some maternal fat stores. Just in case those are necessary as well as a substantial amount of weight gain in the breasts and uterus as it grows with the fetus. And breast begin to develop more milk ducts. And then we see an increase in blood volume to supply the fetus. And the fetuses blood itself as well as the placenta. And a significant amount of weight in the amniotic fluid. So weight gain during pregnancy is quite important. Specially during the second and the third trimesters. This is no time for a mother to be cutting out fats or going out on any kind of restrictive...

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