Types of Peptide Hormones

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    Next what we’ll do is we’ll take a look at these anterior pituitary peptide hormones and then divide it into various subgroups. We have the glycoproteins, somatomammotropins and the proopiomelanocortin. The glycoproteins will be important because of certain similarities between the hormones that have become really important to us and I’ll point those out to you here and I’ll keep reinforcing it throughout the entire course. Somatomammotropins, we talked about these being growth hormone. There is one placental hormone that we’ll refer to that behaves like a growth hormone that becomes very important to us. So, what’s important as we go through these three structural types of your anterior pituitary hormones is where is all the sharing of the hormones taking place and what does that mean to you. Let’s first take a look at glycoproteins. What I’ll point out to you here in this picture are those specific glycoproteins that are important to you so that you notice as to where the sharing will be taking place. What I mean is the following. I’d like for you to first identify beta HCG here. You see it. It stands for beta human chorionic gonadotropin. What does that mean to you? Well, you already know that that is something that is being released by a placental counterpart and when you do a pregnancy test, of course, you are always looking for beta HCG. Okay, well, if beta HCG has been released by the placenta and your female, in fact, is pregnant, beta HCGs then works on a couple of other or behaves like a couple of hormones that become incredibly important for it to function properly and those are the following. I want you to focus upon beta HCG, I want you to think of a pregnant woman, I want you...

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    Included Quiz Questions

    1. All come from anterior pituitary
    2. Are all glycoproteins
    3. Are all hormones
    4. All have common alpha subunit
    5. All have beta subunits- unique to each hormone
    1. TSH
    2. FSH
    3. LH
    4. ACTH
    5. GH
    1. HPL
    2. GH
    3. PRL
    4. HCG
    5. LH
    1. MSH
    2. HLP
    3. TSH
    4. GH
    5. LH
    1. TSH
    2. ACTH
    3. MSH
    4. Beta-endorphins
    5. Lipotropins

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    Carlo Raj, MD

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