Pediatric Vomiting

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    00:01 Here, we'll take a look at gastrointestinal disease of the young.

    00:08 Our discussion, importantly, you want to divide the young into different age groups.

    00:14 And after you do so, you will be then focused upon, well, what are the common causes of, in this case, pediatric vomiting.

    00:25 Neonates.

    00:26 Here, maybe it's the fact that the duodenum did not develop properly or perhaps the esophagus did not develop properly.

    00:33 In other words, I'm referring to atresia or perhaps there is GI obstruction.

    00:39 And by obstruction, once again, maybe there was malrotation such as a volvulus.

    00:47 Other causes of neonatal vomiting include inborn errors of metabolism and infections.

    00:52 Such as necrotizing enterocolitis or sepsis.

    00:55 Infants. As a child gets a little bit older, gastroenteritis, common.

    01:01 We'll talk about common gastroenteritis entities that you will encounter.

    01:07 Another common inventile cause can be GERD.

    01:09 Most gastroesophageal reflux in this age group is uncomplicated.

    01:13 With only a minority of cases being severe or pathologic.

    01:16 Also, food allergies are a big one.

    01:20 Milk protein intolerance is also a big one.

    01:23 Often times as a child is growing and there is increased amount of protein in the milk, you will find that the child starts vomiting and then also another big topic for us in childhood GI diseases will be diarrhea.

    01:40 Inborn errors in metabolism that more or less would be your biochemical enzyme deficiencies.

    01:47 Other causes include: infection, an increased intracranial pressure due to either hydrocephalus or nonexidental drama.

    01:55 As the child grows a little bit even older towards teen age, then teenagers may suffer from gastroenteritis, systemic infections, toxic ingestions are a big one especially as you get into the age of experimentation in a child or a teenager.

    02:15 Appendicitis should be -- Well, I'll walk you through this as being a differential.

    02:20 Ulcers and pancreatitis.

    02:23 Other considerations for this age group include: obstruction, secondary to inflammatory valve disease Psychogenic vomiting and pregnancy.

    02:32 Here are three different age groups, all children, and common causes of pediatric vomiting in the clinical practice.

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    The lecture Pediatric Vomiting by Carlo Raj, MD is from the course Pediatric GI Pathology.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Duodenal atresia
    2. GERD
    3. Gastroenteritis
    4. Milk protein intolerance
    5. Appendicitis
    1. Inborn error of metabolism
    2. Milk protein intolerance
    3. Formula milk allergy
    4. Overfeeding
    5. Gastroenteritis

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    Carlo Raj, MD

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