Pediatric Asthma: Management

by Brian Alverson, MD

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    About the Lecture

    The lecture Pediatric Asthma: Management by Brian Alverson, MD is from the course Pediatric Pulmonology. It contains the following chapters:

    • Pediatric Asthma: Preventing Exacerbations
    • Pediatric Asthma: Management

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Increase his inhaler to moderate dose fluticasone
    2. Give him more albuterol and use it more frequently
    3. Put him on a long-acting beta-agonist twice daily as monotherapy
    4. Admit him to the hospital for pulmonary function tests
    1. Steroids
    2. Albuterol
    3. Magnesium
    4. Terbutaline
    1. Associated fever?
    2. Intereference with daily activities?
    3. Frequency of use of albuterol?
    4. Systemic steroid use in this year?
    5. Nighttime awakening?
    1. Once a month.
    2. 4 times a month.
    3. Once a week.
    4. Twice a week.
    5. Alternate night.

    Author of lecture Pediatric Asthma: Management

     Brian Alverson, MD

    Brian Alverson, MD

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    Such a helpful presentation
    By walaa s. on 10. January 2017 for Pediatric Asthma: Management

    Such a helpful presentation.The most important points of Asthma diagnosis and management in minutes. sure I recommended to my colleges. Thank you,doctor.