Overview of Calcium Metabolism Disorders

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    About the Lecture

    The lecture Overview of Calcium Metabolism Disorders by Carlo Raj, MD is from the course Parathyroid Gland Disorders.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Calcitonin- decreases serum calcium
    2. PTH- decreases serum calcium
    3. PTH- increases serum phosphate
    4. Calcitonin- increases serum calcium
    5. Vitamin D- decreases calcium absorption
    1. Medullary cancer of the thyroid
    2. Melanoma
    3. Squamous cell carcinoma
    4. Small cell lung cancer
    5. Colorectal cancer
    1. Chief cells of parathryoid
    2. Oxyphil cells of parathyroid
    3. Parafollicular cells of thyroid
    4. Proximal convoluted tubule of kidney
    5. Juxtaglomerular apparatus of kidney
    1. 3rd and 4th pharyngeal pouch
    2. Rathke's pouch
    3. Branchial cleft
    4. Pleuroperitoneal folds
    5. Dorsal and ventral bud
    1. Decreased phosphate absorption in the intestine
    2. Increased intestinal absorption of calcium
    3. Increased bone resorption
    4. Increased phosphate excretion in the kidney
    5. Stimulates activation of Vitamin D

    Author of lecture Overview of Calcium Metabolism Disorders

     Carlo Raj, MD

    Carlo Raj, MD

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