Outcomes of Injury

by Richard Mitchell, MD, PhD

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    00:01 Okay, so we've been a long way.

    00:04 You and I, through this world of acute chronic inflammation, wound healing, etc.

    00:12 Let's review it very quickly on one slide.

    00:14 So you have injury.

    00:15 You have the initial vascular and cellular responses that give a rise to acute inflammation with our neutrophils.

    00:21 And in most cases, we go directly into chronic inflammation.

    00:27 Sometimes the acute inflammation is so severe that we get an abscess formation we get purulent, we get a big puss ball.

    00:34 It's still going to heal only by chronic inflammation.

    00:39 There are some forms of injury: recurrent persistent injury, viral infections and autoimmune disease that go directly to chronic inflammation.

    00:47 Okay.

    00:49 Ideally, as we go into chronic inflammation from all these various pathways, we get complete restoration of normal structure and function.

    00:59 Total regeneration, that is perfect, but it doesn't usually totally happen that way.

    01:05 And we have some combination, almost always of regeneration and scarring.

    01:11 And the scarring depends on the type of the tissue, whether it can regenerate or not.

    01:16 And how well the matrix is preserved? And with that, you've come full cycle and you are now an expert on acute and chronic inflammation in wound healing.

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    The lecture Outcomes of Injury by Richard Mitchell, MD, PhD is from the course Acute and Chronic Inflammation.

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    Author of lecture Outcomes of Injury

     Richard Mitchell, MD, PhD

    Richard Mitchell, MD, PhD

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