Mathematics in Medicine: Exercise 3

by Batool Akmal

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    So let’s look at our final example. It’s talking about pressure that’s being exerted on the walls of an artery for a specific patient. So we’re talking about blood pressure here. And t is the number of seconds since the beginning of the cardiac cycle. Now, if you look at what the question is asking, it say’s find t when the pressure is highest. So it’s asking us for the time when the pressure for this function is at its maximum. Now, it’s really amazing that you were able to do this now because you don’t need any more information. You can just use this function and your own knowledge as to when you get maximums and when you get minimums and actually work out and predict what the time should be when the pressure is highest. Let’s have a look the function and see what we can do to answer this question. I have a function of t, which equals to 90 plus 15 sine 2.5 pi t. So this is just a function, it could be anything. So any general function, this isn’t a rule, but that’s what the pressure is. It could be anything, but we’re just going to learn what to do to deal with it. It’s says find t when the pressure is highest, so when this value or this pressure is maximum. There must be a lot of theory going through your minds right now. How can you calculate the maximum or the minimum of a function? Think about it. We’ve done this before when we looked at stationary points. We spoke about maximum and minimum points. We spoke about how to find maximum and minimum points and we also spoke about how to prove that they are maximums or minimums. So if we...

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