Learning Outcomes – Gas Transport

by Thad Wilson, PhD

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    00:01 We’ve covered a lot of important topics in this lecture.

    00:04 Understanding O2 transport and we were able to differentiate the various modes of transport.

    00:11 Also, we were able to identify the factors that affect oxygen hemoglobin dissociation such as temperature, such as pressure or the carbon dioxide and hydrogen ions, and at rare times, 2,3 DPG.

    00:26 Furthermore, we were able to look through and understand the transport of CO2.

    00:31 And remember that was transported in such ways as being diffused, bound to hemoglobin or as bicarbonate.

    00:40 We were able to differentiate those various modes of transport as well as identify the factors the affect that transport.

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    The lecture Learning Outcomes – Gas Transport by Thad Wilson, PhD is from the course Respiratory Physiology.

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     Thad Wilson, PhD

    Thad Wilson, PhD

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