Large Cell Carcinoma

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    00:01 Now, we go to another one. This is large cell. This is a little scary. And the reason I say that, you will see. Peripherally located, so now we have two peripherally located.

    00:10 The one that is most common. Say that you are running out of time and you have really a peripherally located nodule. One, away from the mediastinum. All you do real quick, is take a look. Well, is this a patient that is a female, is a non-smoker? Adenocarcinoma. I’m sorry, what? Non-smoker, female, peripherally located, adenocarcinoma.

    00:31 Go with things that are most common, if you’re running out of time.

    00:33 Okay, so with peripherally located nodule. 1: highly anaplastic, undifferentiated. So, that means that it has a really poor prognosis. Is less responsive to chemotherapy, removed surgically. Large anaplastic. Couple of other things here, histology – pleomorphic and may secrete βhCG. You hear a serum test with βhCG, hear about anaplastic. No doubt, peripherally located, large cell. Adenocarcinoma, female, non-smoker, peripherally located, then you know that one. Do not forget about the in-situ please, in adenocarcinoma.

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    The lecture Large Cell Carcinoma by Carlo Raj, MD is from the course Lung Cancer .

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Beta-hCG
    2. ACTH
    3. ADH
    4. T4
    5. PTHrp
    1. Surgical removal
    2. Chemotherapy
    3. Surgical removal followed by chemotherapy
    4. Radiotherapy followed by chemotherapy
    5. Radiotherapy
    1. Pleomorphic giant cells, highly anaplastic and undifferentiated
    2. Keratin pearls and intercellular bridges
    3. Multinucleated giant cells
    4. Tall columnar cells with intact outer membrane
    5. Tall columnar cells and mucin+ staining

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     Carlo Raj, MD

    Carlo Raj, MD

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