Ischemic Stroke Syndromes

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    Let’s take a look at ischemic stroke syndromes. Pure motor hemiplegia. Contralateral pons or internal capsule lacunar. In a vascular pathology, you’re going to have these larger arteries that are affected. Let it be the middle cerebral artery, anterior cerebral artery, so on and so forth or there’s something called a lacunar infarct. Let’s say that your patient has had long-term hypertension. Remember we said that hypertension is an extremely common risk for stroke taking place. And if the hypertension is taking place over a long period of time, you can only imagine that there is really no blood vessel that is left safe, right? So they’re all vulnerable to some type of pathology. And say that you have a little blood vessels that are now undergoing compromise and undergoing damage and injury. And at some point in time, maybe there’s an aneurysm that takes place and this aneurysm could be something like a Charcot-Bouchard aneurysm. And that particular aneurysm would be one in which little blood vessels, deep penetrating blood vessels of the brain that are being affected. So imagine that these little blood vessels especially around the internal capsule, which is responsible for motor functioning on the contralateral side, right? So think about that from neuroanatomy, please. And at some point in time, as the aneurysm gets bigger, we know that any time, there’s an aneurysm taking place. You’re always worried about rupture, aren’t you? And so therefore, when there’s a rupture that takes place, and you can only imagine now the little blood vessels, well, they’re infarcted. And you call this a lacunar infarct. And many times, patients with hypertension will have lacunar infarct. But if that part of the brain is not significant in terms of proper functioning and then the patient may be asymptomatic. But...

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    The lecture Ischemic Stroke Syndromes by Carlo Raj, MD is from the course Stroke (Cerebrovascular Accident).

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Pure motor hemiplegia
    2. Anterior cerebral artery syndrome
    3. Middle cerebral artery syndrome
    4. Posterior cerebral artery syndrome
    5. Wallenburg syndrome
    1. Left homonymous hemianopsia
    2. Right homonymous hemianopsia
    3. Right sided hemiperesis
    4. Left sided hemipersis
    5. Anosmia
    1. Anterior cerebral artery
    2. Posterior inferior cerebellar artery
    3. Middle cerebral artery
    4. Posterior cerebral artery
    5. superior cerebellar artery
    1. Pure motor hemiplegia
    2. Wallenberg syndrome
    3. Anterior cerebellar artery syndrome
    4. Posterior cerebellar artery syndrome
    5. Middle cerebellar artery syndrome
    1. Right side thalamus lacunae
    2. Left side thalamus
    3. Right occipital lobe
    4. Left occipital lobe
    5. Red nucleus

    Author of lecture Ischemic Stroke Syndromes

     Carlo Raj, MD

    Carlo Raj, MD

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