Important Cells in Chronic Inflammation

by Richard Mitchell, MD, PhD

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    00:01 The cellular players in chronic inflammation include T lymphocytes.

    00:04 These are going to be a source of cytokines, inflammatory mediators that activate other inflammatory cells, and chemokines, things that will recruit cells and activate them.

    00:17 There are B lymphocytes that are part of chronic inflammation, primarily the plasma cells.

    00:23 And they're going to make antibody, and antibody may contribute to chronic inflammation.

    00:27 We won't talk about that so much in this particular set of topics.

    00:32 But we'll revisit this when we talk about immune mediated injury, and another set down the road.

    00:39 You may have other cell types, depending on the mediators that are elaborated, depending on those cytokines.

    00:45 And depending on those chemokines, we may recruit other cells into the mix.

    00:49 And eosinophils, and mast cells are also potentially involved in some forms of chronic inflammation.

    00:57 But the major most important player and it's bigger here, because it's more important are the macrophages.

    01:04 These are going to be sources of cytokines and chemokines.

    01:07 So inflammatory mediators and recruitment molecules.

    01:10 They are also going to be local factories for producing complement, and coagulation factors.

    01:16 They're going to make proteases, Reactive Oxygen Species or ROS, they're going to make eicosanoid.

    01:22 So they're going to make all kinds of important mediators.

    01:25 And importantly, for driving the process of healing and regeneration, they're going to make growth factors.

    01:31 So again, macrophages are the key element, the linchpin for this entire process, and we're going to focus on them.

    01:40 So that's just kind of the overview of where we're going.

    01:42 But we've resolved some of the acute inflammation, And we've recruited and started the process of healing.

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    The lecture Important Cells in Chronic Inflammation by Richard Mitchell, MD, PhD is from the course Acute and Chronic Inflammation.

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    1. Production of growth factors
    2. Production of antibodies
    3. Differentiation into memory cells
    4. Production of heparin and histamine
    5. Production of the major basic protein

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     Richard Mitchell, MD, PhD

    Richard Mitchell, MD, PhD

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