Immune Response

by Peter Delves, PhD

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    We can divide immune responses into innate responses and adaptive responses. And these have particular characteristics. So you may be wondering what the difference is between the innate and adaptive response. Well, I?m going to tell you. Innate immune responses have a very broad specificity for what we call, pathogen-associated molecular patterns, abbreviated to PAMPs; PAMP - pathogen-associated molecular patterns. This is in contrast to the adaptive immune response which has a very high degree of specificity for what we refer to as antigen. Antigen is essentially anything that can be recognized by the adaptive immune response. The innate immune response has the same intensity every single time that the pathogen is encountered. In contrast, the adaptive immune response becomes stronger and faster upon re-infection. We talk about the primary and secondary immune response. This is due to something referred to as immunological memory. And we?ll learn a lot more about immunological memory later on in this lecture series. And then finally, the innate immune response is a rapid response. It occurs within minutes or hours, it?s very quick. And the cells are already present in the body tissues or are recruited directly and very quickly from the blood circulation. So it can happen very, very soon. In contrast, the adaptive immune response is initially rather slow to get going. It takes a few days before it really gets off the ground and is fully effective. And this is because the cells need to proliferate, they need to expand up in number in the secondary lymphoid tissues. So, on the left hand side here, you can see that the innate immune response cells are either already in the tissues. At the bottom there, on the left you can see a tissue macrophage, already sitting in the tissues lying in wait...

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    The lecture Immune Response by Peter Delves, PhD is from the course Immune System: Overview and Cells. It contains the following chapters:

    • The Immune Response
    • How to Recognize the Enemy

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     Peter Delves, PhD

    Peter Delves, PhD

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    By Afef J. on 28. March 2017 for Immune Response

    it is made simple, clear and easy to understand regardless the details need to be learned. this is the correct pedagogic way to teach and to learn. This is one of the things that shows that the teacher is a PhD. I wish those lectures were translated in french and that all medical students in my university benefit from it and also every medical student all over the world. Thanks for teaching us and for spreading the knowledge and make things easy for us.

    I love the way this doctor explains
    By Hernando J. on 27. February 2017 for Immune Response

    It makes it way easier to understand, I hope he'll guide me though my exam

    Nice revision of the immune respons
    By Odrade G. on 04. February 2017 for Immune Response

    I liked the way the lecture was build up. A nice structure, and explained in such a way it makes it easy to understand.