Hypertension: Example

by Joseph Alpert, MD

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    00:01 Hello! I’m Joseph Alpert with advanced vascular medicine.

    00:05 This segment we'll discuss one of the commonest forms of vascular disease: arterial hypertension.

    00:13 Here’s an example. We often like to start off with an example of a patient. This was a very, very famous patient who, in fact, died of complications of hypertension. This was in a time when there wasn’t very much effective therapy for hypertension. You can see it’s in the 1940s. And you can see that there were a number of events that occurred along the way. And of course this famous patient was President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who had very poorly-controlled blood pressure and, eventually, died secondary to a ruptured blood vessel in his brain – a cerebral hemorrhage.

    00:53 Fortunately, we see a lot less of this these days because of the effective therapy for hypertension. And in this lecture we’re going to be talking about what causes hypertension and how it is treated, particularly these days where we have many very effective treatments.

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    The lecture Hypertension: Example by Joseph Alpert, MD is from the course Arterial Diseases.

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    1. Cerebral haemorrhage
    2. Acute renal failure
    3. Aortic aneurysms
    4. Deep vein thrombosis
    5. Hypertensive retinopathy

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    Joseph Alpert, MD

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