Management of Hepatitis B

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    00:01 Let’s talk about management of hepatitis B.

    00:04 We have interferons for hepatitis B.

    00:07 We have peginterferon, we have interferon alpha.

    00:10 That's important.

    00:11 Please memorize the alpha for hepatitis B.

    00:14 And limited duration of therapy, high side effect burden is what you’re worried about, especially with interferons.

    00:23 Management continues and we have antiviral drugs such as Lamivudine, resistance oftentimes seen.

    00:31 We have Entecavir, Adefovir, Tenofovir.

    00:36 Stop there.

    00:37 You'll notice, we have the suffix, -vir, -vir, -vir.

    00:41 Your focus should be on viral hepatitis, specifically B.

    00:46 And we have -vir, virus.

    00:51 And you have the Telbivudine, usually indefinite therapy.

    00:56 But the only thing is you’re worried about resistance in this patient with hepatitis B.

    01:00 Antiviral drugs that you want to be familiar with.

    01:05 Obviously, your focus should also be on prevention.

    01:09 Let’s begin the vaccination.

    01:10 The vaccination therapy and the regimen is something that you want to be very familiar with coming off of immunology.

    01:17 If you're not, it will be a good time to go back and make sure that you take a look at vaccination regimen for hepatitis B, specifically, please, perinatal exposure, universal vaccination for all children.

    01:31 Now, whatever your personal belief would be on vaccination, at this point, you keep that to yourself.

    01:37 I highly recommend that because on the boards and on your wards, you’re absolutely mandated to give vaccination.

    01:44 Is that clear? Once you get into practice, you do what you want.

    01:47 But at this point, please learn how to play the game.

    01:50 Healthcare workers, hemodialysis patients, homosexuals, IV drug abusers, persons with recent exposure and patients with chronic liver disease.

    01:59 This is your population in which you need to make sure that you prevent hepatitis B from developing.

    About the Lecture

    The lecture Management of Hepatitis B by Carlo Raj, MD is from the course Cirrhosis – Liver Diseases.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Acyclovir
    2. Entecavir
    3. Adefovir
    4. Tenofovir
    5. Telbivudine
    1. History of recent travel to endemic areas
    2. IV drug abusers
    3. Health care professionals
    4. Hemodialysis patients
    5. Children with perinatal exposure

    Author of lecture Management of Hepatitis B

     Carlo Raj, MD

    Carlo Raj, MD

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