Henderson-Hasselbalch Equation: Examples

by Thad Wilson, PhD

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    00:00 These types of equations that we utilize from this example formula.

    00:07 Let’s go through three examples.

    00:11 The first one is normal arterial blood.

    00:15 So you get a blood gas from someone. The bicarb comes back at 24 millimolar.

    00:20 The PaCO2, this is PaCO2 is 40 millimeter of mercury.

    00:25 You plug into this equation and you should get a pH of 7,4.

    00:30 How to encourage you to be able to do that? So you can make sure you can get the same numbers as we’re showing here.

    00:37 Now, let’s take a different example.

    00:39 This is an acidic environment. So they might were expecting that they might have an acidemia.

    00:46 They have a bicarb of 26, PaCO2 0f 60.

    00:51 The result of pH of 7,26. So it is confirm, this person has an acidemia.

    01:00 If we expect an alkalemic blood, what we wanna do is get a blood gas from that person.

    01:07 We find that we have a bicarb of 22 millimolar, and we have a PaCO2 of 20 millimeter of mercury.

    01:16 We put both of those into this equation.

    01:18 And again, an equation is 6,1 plus the log of the bicarb, divided by the PCO2.

    01:25 But remember, PCO2 we have to multiply it by a factor to get it into a dissolve form.

    01:31 Should yield 7,66.

    01:34 So that’s confirmed this is an alkalemia.

    01:38 So you can use this Henderson-Hasselbalch equations.

    01:41 And we can see how it was develop via titration curves to calculate anybody’s pH if we have an arterial blood gas.

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