Leukemia: Hematopoiesis – White Blood Cell Pathology

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    Next. Well, the bone marrow here is what you’re looking at. And so therefore, you’ll begin with what’s known as your pluripotent stem cell. And with your pluripotent stem cell, you’ll take a look at on the left and you find giving rise to your lymphocyte origin. On your left, lymphocyte. Where am I? In the bone marrow. What are you going to begin with? On the very top, a progenitor or pluripotent stem, stem, stem cell. Depending as to what kind of factors come in, These stem cells are then going to differentiate into a lymphoid on your left or on the right, all will be myeloid. The quick one here will be on the left. If you’re dealing with ALL, the youngest age group of leukemias, these are lymphocytic and might have to be T-cells and B-cells. That’s it. Later on, we’ll talk about chronicity. Obviously dealing with CLL. There are only 2 types, T-type and B-type. Now, I could tell you quite confidently that the type that you want to pay attention to, either B or T, will have to be a B. And that’s a good thing. I'll tell you why. If unfortunately your patient goes on to develop leukemia as a child, you want it to or you’re hoping that it would be the B type. You’ll see why. The T type will kill the child. B type, prognosis is good. We’ll talk more later. On the right, what kind of influences are taking place here? These are your granulocyte. CFU stands for colony forming unit and with this, you have your granulocyte, monocyte and CSF. So these are stimulating factors. If you’re giving rise to your granulocytes, you’re thinking about your -- your thinking about your basophils, neutrophils and your eosinophils granulocytes. And in...

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