Glucagon Basics and Regulation of Glucagon Secretion

by Thad Wilson, PhD

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    00:00 Glucagon.

    00:01 Here we need to talk about where it's produced.

    00:05 Glucagon is produced in the islet cells and specifically the alpha component.

    00:11 We also think about there are few other places in which glucagon like substances are produced.

    00:17 And that is in the GI system.

    00:19 This procudes glucagon like peptide.

    00:22 But the primary glucagon is from the pancreas.

    00:27 Now, we have to think about how long is glucagon in the circulation.

    00:33 About 80% of it is cleared after the first path.

    00:38 And you remember what the first path is, this is as you go through the circulartory system one time, the liver is going to clear about 80%.

    00:48 That means that the half life of glucagon is only 5 to 10 minutes.

    00:54 So it's not going to be around for too long period of time.

    00:58 It's good things to keep in mind as you're talking about where it's produced.

    01:03 How long it's going to stay in circulation.

    01:06 The things that control the secretion of glucagon are decrease in blood glucose.

    01:12 So blood glucose level is low, it's going to be a stimulus to make more glucagon.

    01:20 If there is an increase in amino acid concentration, specially, arginine and lysine, as well as the sympathetic nervous system is engaged.

    01:30 The fight or flight response stimulates glucagon release.

    01:34 We also have stress and excercise that both being potent stimuli for glucagon.

    01:42 A few things inhibit glucagon secretion.

    01:45 Insulin being the primary one.

    01:47 So if insulin levels are high it's going to suppress glucagon release.

    01:53 The last item is the somatostatin is also in the pancreatic islet cells.

    01:58 And there in fact potentially decrease it's secretion right from the islet.

    02:11 Glucose, amino acids, fatty acids, and even secretin and cholecystokinin can also be involved in this process of inhibiting glucagon secretion.

    02:22 These will be associated with increases with a meal.

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