Endocrine Pancreas Hormones

by Thad Wilson, PhD

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    00:00 The Endocrine Pancreas.

    00:04 We are here to talk about a lot of interesting things today.

    00:07 We may even have a little bit of fun.

    00:10 We'll do insulin and glucagon.

    00:12 The important thing to think about when you're going through the exocrine pancreas, is that this was involve for secreting enzymes for the GI track.

    00:23 Now we're going to talk about endocrine pancreas.

    00:28 This will then put substances in the blood, they'll travel around the whole body and cause a systemic effect.

    00:35 So the endocrine pancreas is what we're talk about today.

    00:38 There are 4 substances that are produced in the endocrine pancreas that is glucagon, insulin, somatostasin and pancreatic polypeptide.

    00:48 But it is glucagon and insulin that we're going to be concerned ourselves most.

    00:53 Because this is what is going to control our blood glucose levels.

    00:58 And blood glucose is one of the most important things we can regulate in our body.

    01:03 The other thing we are going to bring about this kind of scenario that it is that there are different cells for each one of these each substances.

    01:12 So beta cells, those we'll be involved in insulin secretion.

    01:16 Alpha cells those are born for glucagon.

    01:21 The other thing that's interesting is that blood flow pattern that we have throughrout the pancreas, specially in these islets are from the inside of the cell towards the outside of the cell.

    01:34 Therefore, blood can pass by multiple cell types.

    01:40 And that is helpful for two of the other cell types, somatostatin polyide, pancreatic polypeptide.

    01:46 Because these cells may be able to regulate some of the other cells specially somatostatin which is released by the delta cells.

    01:55 As you go through this process, think about which one of these hormones are regulating each other.

    02:03 And how this blood flow pattern might be helpful.

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    1. Glucagon
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    1. Somatostatin
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    3. Glucagon
    4. Pancreatic polypeptide
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    Thad Wilson, PhD

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