Drug Schedules and Controlled Substances – Drugs of Abuse

by Pravin Shukle, MD

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    00:01 How do we classify illicit medications or medication with high risk of potential? The FDA has a four point classification system, one being the worst, and four being not so bad.

    00:12 So, we call the worst drug schedule I drugs. So, schedule I drugs have no medical use at all.

    00:19 And they have a very high addiction potential. So, those are drugs like heroin, LSD, mescaline and all of the others that are listed there.

    00:28 Grade II or schedule II drugs are drugs that do have a medicinal use, but they also have a high addiction potential.

    00:35 So, we try not to use these drugs as much as possible. These includes the amphetamines, Cocaine, we sometimes use clinically, with people who have severe nose bleed. So, I remember when I was in pharmacy school, we had to make a cocaine paste.

    00:49 And I remember being very nervous about inhaling any of the product. So, it is used. We do use cocaine paste in nose bleed.

    00:56 But it's not as commonly used, and it's not something that we often encourage its use.

    01:01 Methylphenidate, short acting barbiturates and strong opioids are also used.

    01:06 A good example of a strong opioid that's used in clinical practice is fentanyl which has now become one of the most abused opioid in the market today.

    01:15 Now, the schedule III drugs have a lot of medical use. There is a moderate abuse potential with them.

    01:22 So, these are the anabolic steroids that I had mentioned earlier, barbiturates, and sometimes moderate opioid agonists.

    01:31 The class IV drugs are medically use and there's a low abuse potential.

    01:36 So, these are most of the benzodiazepines. These are some of the stimulants and some of the hypnotic drugs.

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