Colon Cancer: Diagnosis and Management

by Kevin Pei, MD

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    About the Lecture

    The lecture Colon Cancer: Diagnosis and Management by Kevin Pei, MD is from the course General Surgery.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. A colonoscopy is typically a single day procedure with discharge home the same day.
    2. A colonoscopy should be done only after a positive heme-occult fecal test.
    3. Screening colonoscopies should be repeated every 5 years if results are normal.
    4. Colonoscopy procedure requires the patient to be under general anesthesia.
    5. Colonoscopy and barium enema have similar sensitivity and specificity for the diagnosis of colon cancer.
    1. Colonoscopy.
    2. Liver function tests.
    3. Chest X-ray.
    4. CT scan of the abdomen.
    5. Serum alkaline phosphatase level.
    1. ...oncological radiation.
    2. ...oncological surgical resection.
    3. ...5-FU chemotherapy.
    4. ...leucovorin chemotherapy.
    5. ...trametinib chemotherapy.
    1. A T3 colon cancer invades the pericolic fat.
    2. A T2 colon cancer only invades into the submucosal layer of the colon.
    3. A T1 colon cancer invades into the muscularis propria of the colon.
    4. A T4 colon cancer means there is distant organ involvement (metastasis).
    5. A T3 colon cancer invades surrounding organs, such as the bladder.

    Author of lecture Colon Cancer: Diagnosis and Management

     Kevin Pei, MD

    Kevin Pei, MD

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    Dukes Astler Classification not mentioned
    By Scott . on 17. November 2017 for Colon Cancer: Diagnosis and Management

    very well explained but what about dukes astler classification for tumor penetration and linfatic afectation.