Cholinergic Toxicity, Myasthenic Crisis and Cholinergic Crisis

by Pravin Shukle, MD

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    00:01 So let's talk about other issues in cholinomimetic toxicity. Let's talk about nicotine.

    00:07 Think about what a person looks like or feels like when they first start smoking.

    00:12 First-time smokers who are exposed to new high levels of nicotine can become quite nauseous.

    00:19 Obviously you become acclimated to it and you don't feel that way later and you actually become addicted to nicotine.

    00:25 Exposure to Malathion and parathion, it really only is relevant at very high doses.

    00:30 Remember that these are prodrugs. So, they have to be metabolized to an active state.

    00:35 Now that happens much more in insects than it does in humans.

    00:39 So, when we talk about general use of Malathion and parathion that's safe for humans.

    00:47 But when you get exposed to very toxic levels where you're super concentrated, then you may have toxic levels accumulate in the human.

    00:55 Other aspects of cholinomimetic toxicity can be certain medicines like pyridostigmine, neostigmine, physostigmine. Here's an image of pyridostigmine.

    01:06 Now, let's look at the differences between myasthenic crisis and a cholinergic crisis.

    01:14 They're slightly different. The myasthenic crisis causes destruction of the acetylcholine receptor.

    01:21 So there is an increase in heart rate and an increase in blood pressure.

    01:26 Bowel and bladder incontinence.

    01:29 There's an absent cough reflex and an absent swallow reflex.

    01:33 Edrophonium gives temporary relief and the acetyl, that's because it's an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor.

    01:41 So there's more acetylcholine in the synaptic cleft that overcomes the lower numbers of the acetylcholine receptors that have been destroyed.

    01:51 That's why Edrophonium works in myasthenic crisis.

    01:55 Atropine doesn't help these symptoms. Now let's talk about a cholinergic crisis.

    02:02 A cholinergic crisis is when you have excess acetylcholine.

    02:06 An example is sarin gas. You have a decrease in blood pressure.

    02:11 You have abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

    02:16 You have blurred vision you have pallor.

    02:19 You have some twitching in the face.

    02:22 Edrophonium does not help in this case but actually may precipitate either a cholinergic crisis and subacute patients or worsen the cholinergic crisis through an over dosage of the acetylcholine.

    02:38 And atropine here will improve symptoms and pralidoxime will counteract the nicotinic effects of muscle weakness and paralysis, by reactivating acetylcholinesterase.

    02:48 So you can see the difference between myasthenic crisis and cholinergic crisis.

    02:53 The difference is, and the important knowledge that edrophonium works in one and doesn't in another.

    02:58 And atropine will work in another and not in one.

    03:03 Okay. That's a tough topic, you did well.

    03:05 Go write your exam and show them what you know.

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