Cells of the Epidermis

by Geoffrey Meyer, PhD

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    About the Lecture

    The lecture Cells of the Epidermis by Geoffrey Meyer, PhD is from the course Epithelial Tissue.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Schwann cell
    2. Melanocyte
    3. Merkel cell
    4. Langerhan cell
    5. Keratinocyte
    1. Melanocytes.
    2. Keratinocytes.
    3. Langerhans cells.
    4. Megakaryocytes.
    5. Fibroblasts.
    1. Stratum spinosum.
    2. Stratum basale.
    3. Stratum granulosum.
    4. Stratum lucidum.
    5. Stratum corneum.
    1. Keratinocyte
    2. Melanocyte
    3. Langerhans cell
    4. Merkel cell
    5. Fibroblast

    Author of lecture Cells of the Epidermis

     Geoffrey Meyer, PhD

    Geoffrey Meyer, PhD

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    informative and interesting to read
    By Mazen A. on 03. October 2018 for Cells of the Epidermis

    this article handles the explanation for skin layers; which I find as the hardest of the topics, in a well organised and logically acceptable building. It is really interesting to read. It summarizes the topic but without the loss of any crucial information. Also, the use of well-labelled pictures and microscopic slides is a plus and catalyse the understanding. I would recommend this to my premedical colleagues.