Beginning of Chronic Inflammation and Repair

by Richard Mitchell, MD, PhD

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    00:01 We're now going to continue looking at what happens after acute inflammation.

    00:06 So remember, we have a sequence of events from injury, and tissue destruction, necrosis.

    00:13 And then we have acute inflammatory infiltrates, neutrophils and vascular changes.

    00:19 And now we're going to progress on to the healing response.

    00:21 We're going to clean up the final mess.

    00:24 And we're going to start healing.

    00:25 And in order to do that, we need to tune down all of the things that happened during acute inflammation.

    00:33 That's what this particular topic is all about.

    00:36 Here's the roadmap for where we're going to go in subsequent topic discussions.

    00:42 As we get into more and more of the healing response.

    00:45 So initially, we're going to moderate acute inflammation.

    00:48 And then we're going to recruit macrophages and we'll talk about that process.

    00:53 If everything goes according to plan, we regenerate the parenchyma. We make it whole.

    00:59 In the event that we can't, we may have to then build scar, and that starts with new blood vessels or angiogenesis.

    01:08 That is a railroad track for bringing in fibroblasts, who that will proliferate and lay down new matrix.

    01:15 So we'll deposit and then remodel that matrix.

    01:18 And then finally, we'll wind up with the complications of healing.

    01:22 So that's the roadmap.

    01:24 We're gonna now focus right now on tuning down the acute inflammatory response.

    01:31 Here's where we are on our sequential peeks of things going on during chronic inflammation repair.

    01:37 And again, remember that we're time starts over there on the left hand side, we have an initial vascular response, that's going to be edema, increased vascular permeability, increased vascular flow, and then we're going to have a peak of acute inflammation, which is going to be the neutrophils.

    01:59 Even in the middle of that peak, that's when we start turning off the neutrophils and starting to recruit the macrophages.

    02:08 Eventually, we'll go on to granulation tissue, that's the angiogenesis piece, and then scar and regeneration.

    02:14 Okay, so that green arrow is where we are on the next few slides.

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    Richard Mitchell, MD, PhD

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