Allosteric Binding – Enzymes

by Adam Le Gresley, PhD

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    About the Lecture

    The lecture Allosteric Binding – Enzymes by Adam Le Gresley, PhD is from the course Medical Chemistry.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. No - they influence the shape of an enzyme by binding to a region other than the active site.
    2. Yes
    1. An allosteric inhibitor binds to an allosteric site and brings conformational change in the enzyme molecule to prevent substrate binding at the active site.
    2. An allosteric inhibitor needs a cofactor to block the active site of an enzyme molecule.
    3. An allosteric inhibitor directs the binding of a substrate molecule to the allosteric site of an enzyme instead of the active site.
    4. An allosteric inhibitor occupies both allosteric and active sites of an enzyme molecule to prevent the substrate binding to the active site.
    5. An allosteric inhibitor facilitates the binding of a cofactor to the active site of an enzyme.
    1. Nevirapine inhibits the synthesis of viral DNA by blocking the movement of DNA polymerase on the parental DNA strand.
    2. It is a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor.
    3. It is an antiretroviral medicine used in the treatment of HIV/AIDS.
    4. It brings the conformation changes in the active site of the viral transcriptase enzyme by binding at a hydrophobic pocket away from the active site.
    5. It is an example of allosteric inhibitor.
    1. …indirectly preventing the synthesis of prostaglandins through inhibition of cyclooxygenase enzyme.
    2. …preventing the release of prostaglandins near the affected areas of wound.
    3. …activating the synthesis of prostaglandins.
    4. …facilitating the binding of prostaglandins to the allosteric site of cyclooxygenase enzyme.
    5. …facilitating the binding of cyclooxygenase enzyme to the substrate for synthesis of prostaglandins.

    Author of lecture Allosteric Binding – Enzymes

     Adam Le Gresley, PhD

    Adam Le Gresley, PhD

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