Abdominal Trauma

by Hetal Verma, MD

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    About the Lecture

    The lecture Abdominal Trauma by Hetal Verma, MD is from the course Abdominal Radiology. It contains the following chapters:

    • Liver Trauma
    • Splenic and Renal Trauma
    • Urinary Bladder Trauma

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Patients with high density within a laceration or hematoma need to be urgently embolized.
    2. CT scans should be performed without intravenous and oral contrast.
    3. Lacerations present as high-density linear areas with the liver, spleen or kidney.
    4. The spleen is the most commonly injured abdominal organ.
    5. A CT urogram should be performed to evaluate for urinary bladder injury.
    1. Atrophy
    2. Intrahepatic hematoma
    3. Infarct
    4. Hemoperitoneum
    5. Liver laceration
    1. Subcapsular hematoma
    2. Laceration
    3. Incidental finding
    4. Splenic hematoma
    5. Infarct
    1. Renal laceration
    2. Perinephric hematoma
    3. Renal contusion
    4. Renal infarction
    5. Subcapsular hematoma
    1. It is most commonly found with blunt abdominal trauma.
    2. A CT cystogram is the best study for evaluating a urinary bladder injury.
    3. CT cystogram is performed after injecting contrast into the urinary bladder through a foley catheter to fully distend the bladder.
    4. Extraperitoneal rupture is the most common type of bladder injury.
    5. Intraperitoneal rupture occurs from a blow to the pelvis without a direct puncture.

    Author of lecture Abdominal Trauma

     Hetal Verma, MD

    Hetal Verma, MD

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