by Sean Elliott, MD

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    00:01 Yersinia, a bacteria.

    00:03 The Yersinia are gram negative rods such as you see in the image on the slide.

    00:09 They’re facultatively intracellular and are quite mobile when evaluated under a microscope.

    00:15 They are oxidase negative and lactose negative.

    00:19 And they’re commonly known pathogens at least in the gut sense.

    00:25 Yersinia enterocolitica, the second bullet point is the most common.

    00:30 Yersinia pestis, unfortunately, is our huge foe because it has been associated in the past with the Plague, the Black Death.

    00:39 It is quite nasty and at the 1300s in the form of the Black Death, it eradicated over a third of Europe’s population.

    00:48 Because it is so nasty, let’s talk about it first.

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    The lecture Yersinia by Sean Elliott, MD is from the course Bacteria.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Gram-negative, facultative, intracellular rods
    2. Gram-negative, obligate, intracellular rods
    3. Gram-negative, facultative, intracellular cocci
    4. Gram-positive, obligate, extracellular rods
    5. Gram-positive, facultative, extracellular cocci

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     Sean Elliott, MD

    Sean Elliott, MD

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