by Lynae Brayboy, MD

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    00:01 Let's now talk about foreign bodies in young girls.

    00:03 Vaginal discharge is a common finding in patients who come to your clinic.

    00:08 The foreign body is usually a cause of this discharge and this can occur in more than 18% of patients.

    00:15 The most common foreign body is toilet tissue, but other foreign bodies should prompt further questioning.

    00:23 Often a young child cannot tell you how a foreign body got there but if you find other foreign bodies this may increase your suspicion for abuse.

    00:32 Let's now review vulvovaginitis in the pediatric GYN population.

    00:37 You can have non-specific vulvovaginitis versus specific vulvovaginitis In specific vulvovaginitis, respiratory pathogens are often a culprit.

    00:49 You can also have enteric pathogens.

    00:53 Yeast or candida and sexually transmitted diseases, which would indicate sexual abuse.

    01:00 Pinworms are also very common as well as foreign bodies such as toilet tissue.

    01:06 Polyps and tumors should also be investigated as well as systemic illnesses, vulvar skin disease, trauma and psychosomatic vaginal complaints and other miscellaneous irritants.

    01:21 Recall that a young girl is hypoestrogenic and therefore her vulva is prone to irritation.

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