Types of Variables – Statistics Basics

by Raywat Deonandan, PhD

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    00:01 There are two broad flavors or categories of variables, continuous and categorical, we sometimes called categorical discrete as well. So continuous variables are things like age, height and distance and temperature, what makes them continuous is that there is value in between their values. For example, being 25 years old means something, being 25,5 years old mean something, being 25,52 years old means something and so forth. On the other hand, gender doesn't have a lot of in betweens. I can be male, I can be female.

    00:39 I cannot be something in between the two of them, unless we're into transgender issues, but that's a political delineation, not an epidemiological one. Perhaps a more convincing example would be the number of siblings you might have, 1, 2, 3, I can't have 2,5 siblings, I can't have 3,4 children, I can't have 2,8 doors in my house, these are countable numbers, they are discrete, they are categorical. Now when we have a categorical variable with two

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    The lecture Types of Variables – Statistics Basics by Raywat Deonandan, PhD is from the course Statistics: Basics.

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    1. Categorical
    2. Continuous
    3. Ordinal
    4. Ratio
    5. Interval
    1. Blood pressure
    2. Age group
    3. Ethnicity
    4. Vaccination status
    5. Hair color

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     Raywat Deonandan, PhD

    Raywat Deonandan, PhD

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    By wardha j. on 18. September 2017 for Types of Variables – Statistics Basics

    the clarity is priceless! To reflect clarity in a topic as mindnumbing (for some, like me) as stats, is truly an art. Kudos.