Trapezium Rule: Example

by Batool Akmal

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    So let's look at this example. We are using the trapezium rule to approximate and this is important to understand because we're not accurately finding the area, we're just approximating it. The area between one and zero, we've been given a function and it says five ordinates. So let's write this out. This is what we're doing. So we're looking for the area between one and zero, 3x plus 1 to the power of 2 dx. Now, all of this notation will make a lot more sense when we do integration. But basically, this sign here just means find the area or the integral. This is the integral sign. These here are your limits. So these are your X limits of zero and one and I'll sketch that in a second to show you. This is obviously our function and this thing here just says, "with respect to X." So similar as the dx that we were using in differentiation with respect to X. We'll formally define this shortly when we do integration the faster way. So, first of all, the first fact that I can use, they've given us five ordinates, which to me means that we have four strips or four trapeziums. Now, I don’t really know what this graph looks like but I'm just going to roughly give us an idea that we have some form of a function. So, we are looking for the area between zero and one, so between there and there, for example, and we're splitting it up into trapeziums. Now, we've got four trapeziums here. So, if we make it better so it goes through zero. Let's make it a function so it looks like that. We've got four strips here. So what we want to do is we want to split...

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