Transient Neonatal Myasthenia

by Roy Strowd, MD

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    00:01 What about neonatal myasthenia? Let's shift gears and talk about other congenital and acquired causes of myasthenia.

    00:09 Transient neonatal myasthenia occurs in infants of mothers that have myasthenia gravis about 12% of these infants will present with transient symptoms of myasthenia at the time of birth.

    00:22 This condition develops because acetylcholine receptors, excuse me, acetylcholine antibodies as with all antibodies cross the placenta so they are present in mom, they cross the placenta and are present in the child at the time of birth.

    00:38 Symptom onset for the child is typically within the first 24 hours of birth.

    00:42 The symptoms of weakness and hypotonia and problems with poor feeding last several weeks.

    00:49 We see poor cry poor suck and poor feeding as well as weakness in these infants.

    00:54 If severe respiratory difficulty is encountered that must be managed.

    00:59 And this condition continuosly resolves as those antibodies are broken down in the infant and the child returns to normal.

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    Roy Strowd, MD

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