Overview of Transcription and Translation

by Georgina Cornwall, PhD

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    00:00 Now we will take a very brief look at transcription.

    00:05 In a future lecture, we will dig into it much deeper and then we will take a quick look at translation. The good news here is that we have only one enzyme involved in transcription.

    00:19 It is called RNA polymerase. It does very similar thing to what we saw DNA polymerase doing, but it adds RNA nucleotides to a growing chain and we don't need to know about all these apparatus because the whole DNA strand will fit into this. We open up a tiny window and a make a piece of RNA. Then we have our coding strand. The coding strand contains the genetic code and the template strand is the strand that is going to be read to make a complimentary strand too. The coding strand matches the sequence of the messenger RNA. The messenger RNA can then leave and it will then move on to be translated into proteins and that happens in the process of translation. Translation involves ribosomes.

    01:16 Some of these ribosomes are bound and some of them are not. The ribosome is going to assemble our messenger RNA in order to make a polypeptide chain. Now we are literally translating the message on the messenger RNA into an amino acid sequence. The molecules that are going to come into play there are our transfer RNAs. Transfer RNAs or translational RNAs come in and bring the amino acids to the growing polypeptide chain inside the ribosome. As the chain grows and gets to the end of the gene on the messenger RNA, all of this will fall apart and we have a translated code, it is translated into a protein or a polypeptide chain.

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    Georgina Cornwall, PhD

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    Hallow and confusing...
    By Kazette Yuen Yu C. on 29. May 2021 for Overview of Transcription and Translation

    This topic is OVERLY simplified. It needs more in-depth explaination, which she claimed to offer later. But this brief section creates even more confusion... Maybe it is better to do a PROPER introduction, or just cut this one out... Also, she herself seems to be unsure and confused. I am not sure what her profession is, but DNA doesn't seem to be a topic, which she should lecture on... In the middle of the video she just blanked, and kind of skipped on some points... (That's not the first time or first lecture that she does that...) P.S. The powerpoint is also not accurate... The coding strand around 0:52 is indicated as template strand... This lecture is quite disappointing, and frankly, a very low quality compare to other Lecturio's lectures.

    not exceptional
    By Justin A. on 10. March 2021 for Overview of Transcription and Translation

    She didn't talk about the template strand. the prof fumbled with the coding strand and im actually confused if the coding strand, or the tremplate strand matches the sequence of the mRNA. She definitely seems disorganized. It didn't flow at all.

    Not a good lecture
    By c. on 06. January 2021 for Overview of Transcription and Translation

    Need to explain better as it is very complicated and confuses us even more than we were before

    By MR. K. on 19. May 2020 for Overview of Transcription and Translation

    the explanation is complicated it could be simplified more better