Substance Abuse

by Joanna Jackson

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    Hi, my name is Jonna Jackson. I am a registered nurse and I am gonna talk to you about Substance Abuse. I am really excited to talk to you about substance abuse. That's been majority of my career working in chemical dependency and substance abuse and I know how important this is for nurses to understand. So substance abuse is a global health issue. It effects people all over the world. This is important to remember because sometimes we think that substance abuse effect some people more that it effects others. But its really good to know when you are thinking about substance about that it can effect anyone. Substance abuse can also have a variety of physiological complications. So it can result in problems with your heart, with your lungs and any of your other body systems. Substance abuse is seen in a variety of medical specialties from OB to aging to pediatrics. It's important for all nurses to understand substance abuse and our interventions to treat it. Substance abuse is a disease. The disease like diabetes, congestive heart failure or any of the other 100s of the diseases you spent the last few years knowing. It's important to think of this way so that you remain non-judgmental and an open to helping the patient. So let's take a second and think about it. Use our critical thinking skills. Why might a nurse working with newborns need to understand substance abuse? It's important because if a new baby is born to a mother who suffers from addiction that child will then have complications as a result. So just because you are working in an area that is as happy as OB it's still important to understand the basic concepts of substance abuse. So let's start with key terms. Key...

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    The lecture Substance Abuse by Joanna Jackson is from the course Psychosocial Integrity. It contains the following chapters:

    • Substance Abuse
    • Withdrawal Symptoms
    • Nursing Diagnosis

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    Joanna Jackson

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