Sensory/Perceptual Alterations

by Diana Shenefield, PhD

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    About the Lecture

    The lecture Sensory/Perceptual Alterations by Diana Shenefield, PhD is from the course Psychosocial Integrity. It contains the following chapters:

    • Sensory and Perceptual Alterations
    • Sensory - Essential Guidelines
    • Sensory Deprivation
    • Sensory Overload
    • Sensory Deficit

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Adherence to medication therapy is essential to reduce risk of vision loss.
    2. Fluid restriction is needed to reduce intraocular pressure.
    3. Disorder often has no symptoms.
    4. Disorder is typically diagnosed after an episode of eye infection.
    1. Report visual changes immediately.
    2. Report itching and redness.
    3. Resume all preoperative activities.
    4. Creamy white discharge is a sign of infection.
    1. Risk for injury.
    2. Risk for disturbed sleep pattern.
    3. Impaired sensory perception: Auditory.
    4. Risk for ineffective coping.

    Author of lecture Sensory/Perceptual Alterations

     Diana Shenefield, PhD

    Diana Shenefield, PhD

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    Outstanding Presenter.
    By Dr Glenn G. on 29. June 2018 for Sensory/Perceptual Alterations

    Diana Shenefield is terrific. She engages the viewer with her enthusiasm, her passion for the subject matter and her knowledge of the topic. While I'm a physician and not a nurse, patient care topics are vitally important for all healthcare practitioners. Diana's lectures are appropriate for any audience relating to patient care.