Quick Review: Examination of the Male Genitourinary System

by Stephen Holt, MD, MS

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    00:01 Okay, so let's review what we've covered during this lecture.

    00:04 When you're inspecting the genitalia, or you're looking for signs of vesicles, which may be an indication of a herpes infection, genital warts or ulcers, potentially chancres, which would be seen in syphilis.

    00:15 When you're examining the testes, you're looking for symmetry in size and shape and the contour for the scrotal exam In addition to looking for the testes, you may find palpable masses or the bag of worms sensation of varicose seal.

    00:29 And on the rectal exam, you're trying to assess rectal tone looking for any erosions or haemorrhoids, which of the following supports the diagnosis of testicular torsion? Relief with scrotal elevation, bilateral testicular pain, mild, indolent symptoms, and absence cremasteric reflex or the "bag of worms" finding.

    00:56 Okay, well, relief with scrotal elevation is a characteristic feature of epididymitis, not orchitis or testicular torsion.

    01:04 Bilateral testicular pain typically wouldn't have both testes experiencing testicular torsion at the same time.

    01:12 Whereas if a person has mumps that is oftentimes associated with painful bilateral testicular pain.

    01:18 Mild indolent symptoms, nothing about testicular torsion is indolent.

    01:23 It is an acute neurologic emergency that needs to be addressed within span of hours.

    01:28 An absent cremasteric reflex, however, is something you may find on physical exam, because the ischemia to the testes is also being represented by skimming to the nerve that mediates the cremasteric reflex.

    01:41 So D is going to end up being our answer.

    01:43 And of course E is associated with a varicose seal.

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