by Helen Farrell, MD

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    00:01 Let?s talk now about pyromania.

    00:03 It?s more common in men, tends to be associated with individuals who have some mental retardation, and the prognosis is actually better when children are diagnosed than in adults with pyromania. Here are the diagnostic criteria.

    00:22 There?s more than one episode of intentional fire setting.

    00:25 There?s tension present before the act and pleasure or relief experienced after.

    00:31 There?s a fascination with or attraction to fire and its uses and consequences.

    00:38 There?s pleasure, gratification, or relief when setting fires or when witnessing participation in the aftermath. The purpose of fire setting is not for monetary gain, expression of anger, making a political statement, and it?s not due to hallucinations or delusions.

    00:56 The fire setting is not better explained by conduct disorder, a manic episode, or antisocial personality disorder. When it comes to treating pyromania consider behavioral therapies, supervision for the patient, and also pharmacotherapy, specifically SSRIs and potentially mood stabilizing medications.

    01:18 That?s a quick summary of pyromania, yet again, one of the impulse control disorders.

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    The lecture Pyromania by Helen Farrell, MD is from the course Control Disorders.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Prognosis is better in adults than children.
    2. More common in men.
    3. More common in intellectually disabled individuals.
    4. The fire setting is not better explained by conduct disorder, manic episode or antisocial personality disorder.
    5. One of the diagnostic criteria includes more than one episode of intentional fire setting.
    1. Lithium
    2. Amitriptyline
    3. Systemic desensitization
    4. Duloxetine
    5. Group discussion therapy

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     Helen Farrell, MD

    Helen Farrell, MD

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